Welcome to CZX STONE

CZX Stone Ltd is one of the leading stone suppliers in Western Canada
and has been in the business since 2016. We have our own mines both
in China and Canada. It enables us to provide you with reasonable prices.
We offer you different grades of popular and trending engineered quartz
stones, premium natural marble, granite, quartz with unique and
elegant patterns. We have supplied many commercial and residential
projects over the years. Whatever you are looking for for your
countertop, fireplace, flooring, walls etc., you will be able to find them in
CZX Stone.

How our countertop been made?

Countertop stones are typically mined from quarries, which are large open pits or underground mines where natural stone is extracted from the earth. The process of mining countertop stones involves using heavy machinery such as bulldozers and cranes to remove the stones from the ground, and then transport them to a processing plant where they are cut, polished, and shaped into the desired size and shape for use as a countertop. Stone mining is a complex process that requires a lot of skill and expertise to extract the highest quality stones with minimal environmental impact.

Our Quarries

Our Processing Plant